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Hair Care

At Reflections you can enjoy a wide range of services, including a variety of facials, manicure, pedicure, massa"Reflections Hairstylescut contains all the information you need for fabulous looking hair that suits your own unique looks, and your personal lifestyle. Whether you want an easy style that will keep you looking good from morning to midnight without too much effort, a fun look for a frivolous event, or a classic coiffure for a glamorous celebration. Our hairstyles Gallery shows you how to achieve perfect results every time."ges, and tradiditonal hair cuts, styles, and color applications. You won’t be disappointed! Our single goal is to provide you with a complete range of beauty services. Our Services include:


Basic & Advanced Hair Cuts

Global hair color and streaking

Hair Spa

Hair Treatments-HairFall,Dandruff, Hair growth

Head Massage

Hair Smoothening

Hair Relaxing

Hair Rebonding


Other regular treatments – Shampoo, conditioning, blow dry, ironing etc.

Relaxing Cystine Keratin


Special Treatment Pack

What is included:

  • Saturate your skin with pure oxygen.
  • Expedite toxin drainage
  • Removing excess dead skin cells
  • Peel for the body